The Charles Camsell Hospital – Edmonton

The existing Charles Camsell Hospital was built in 1967 and closed its doors in 1996. The original part of the building housed a tuberculosis sanatorium in the 1950s, mainly looking after aboriginal patients. Some people were forcibly placed into the hospital, and patients with certain “defects” were involuntarily sterilized. In 1982, a young man working on the roof fell to his death. The hospital has seen more than its share of the dark and tragic side of human suffering. Sitting abandoned since 1996, the building gives off a haunted impression, and people walking by say they can feel many eyes looking out at them from the hospital windows. There are Satanic symbols and graffiti on the walls, and parts of the hospital are in slow decay. The setting absolutely invites ghost hunters to come in. The fourth floor of the hospital housed the psychiatric wing. The patient isolation rooms and rumors of shock treatments make it a hot spot for confused and earthbound spirits. On video camera and a digital recorder, an anguished female scream was caught by our group on the fourth floor, and it was verified that it did not belong to anyone in the investigation group. A major psychic impression picked up in the psychiatric wing was of a teenage girl, extremely distraught, pulling out her nails, which left her with bloody hands. She was waiting for her parents and kept repeating, “When are they coming to get me?” On the second floor is the surgical wing, and blood stains are still on the floor in one room. We captured a male voice on our recorder in Operating Room 6 calling out “Karen” and some unearthly groans. The most startling audio was something “slamming” its hand down hard on the metal shelf we had left the recorder on. Seconds after that, the recorder shut off. In the auditorium, we tried to communicate with whatever entities resided there, and everyone with a camera caught at least one picture with orbs floating in it. A psychic impression given in the auditorium was of a very sad, older aboriginal man with mobility problems looking for his wife. Our recorder caught this spirit lamenting, “We did not choose to be here.” Down in the morgue area, an elevator decided to start operating on its own. Footsteps above us on different floors were heard walking with a very loud clomp. The hospital is very active with unseen patients walking around. At the time of this writing, the hospital is up for sale. The future of the building will probably entail being torn down or renovated for other purposes. The new tenants will surely be sharing the space with the previous “tenants.” —Rona Anderson Paranormal Investigator/Psychic, Paranormal Explorers

Taken from the: Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger