Chelone, a mountain Nymph, objected to the nuptials of Hera and Zeus. Perhaps as a warning to others not to voice objections, Zeus shut her up by transforming Chelone into a turtle. Another version has him so aggravated with her that he caused her house to collapse on top of her. Now she carries it wherever she goes. (Later versions have Hermes, as Zeus’ messenger and proxy, casting the actual spell.)

Chelone, the Turtle Goddess, is the spirit of silence. She may be invoked by those who need silence as well as by those who have been silenced. Chelone is the matron of political prisoners, those persecuted for voicing objections as well as those afraid to speak their minds. Chelone is also the matron of the homeless and those able to carry all their possessions on their backs.


Decorate altar space with turtle imagery or with a terrarium for turtles.

Animal: Turtle

Flower: Chelone species, known as turtlehead flowers

See Also:

Hera; Hermes; Nymph; Zeus


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