Christianity – Organized Crime


What is organized crime? Organized crime is crime with an organized structure behind it. Obviously the most recognized organized crime structure is the Mafia.

So why do I say that Christianity is organized crime?

What the Christian church does is not necessarily illegal, but should be.

What does the Christian church do that should be illegal? Let’s start with “tithe”. According to popular Christian belief it is necessary to give “God”, or the church 10% of your weekly income.

Some may say there’s nothing wrong with supporting what you believe in with financial support. Perhaps not, to an extent. So why is “tithe” wrong, or even stealing?

Shall we begin with the countless Christian sermons centered on “tithing”? The sermons created with such perfect brainwashing technique. “If you don’t give your tithe, you are stealing from God.” And what “God fearing” Christian would want to steal from “God”? “Your tithe is needed to keep the church going.” No what you mean to say is “Your tithe feeds my family.”

What else does the Christian church do that should be considered illegal? Maybe the creating of a mindless person is not recognized as illegal. “Place your whole heart and life into the hands of God and allow him to lead you.”

What? Give you my last 25 bucks, then you want me to be led too?

The sad thing is many are taught from birth to follow this example.

And few of us recover from such programming. On a daily basis I see Christian drones doing their “deeds”. Should they all be locked away?

No. Many of these people have a brain; it is just overwritten with a lifetime of programming. What they need, in my most aggravated opinion, is to be de-programmed and allowed to choose their own lives. One final word. I have covered only a minute portion of the faults in a so-called “perfect” religion.

But I’m sure this is enough to better educate you, the reader.

Farewell, in chaotic peace, may you continue to challenge the authority that so binds us to a simplified ignorant society.

By Edebran V.T. ( Edebran Veritas Traveler)