Clark, Ramona

CLARK, RAMONA (1932 – 1997)
Ramona Clark was one of the earliest investigators of accounts in the southern U.S. of unknown hairy anthropoids called the Skunk Ape. Working from her home in Brooksville, Florida, she participated in a number of research projects focused on the chimpanzee-sized, apelike primates, which were reported in central and south Florida in especially high numbers during the 1970s.

Clark was an early member of L Frank Hudson and Gordon R. Prescott's Yeti Research Society, which-its name notwithstanding – was centred in her home state and concerned only with Skunk Ape reports. She later broke with the group. Even so, her work continued through fieldwork and newsletter articles. When the noted Bigfoot / Sasquatch researcher John Green interviewed Clark in Florida, he found her to be a knowledgeable investigator who had seen the creatures on a few occasions. She had also examined their tracks from time to time.

She eventually married her longtime “Yeti” -hunting partner, Duane Hibner, and moved as near as they could to the concentrated sightings taking place in Brooksville in the 19705. Clark died on December 19, 1997.



The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters,Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature
Written by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark – Copyright 1999 Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark

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