Colombo, John Robert

John Robert Colombo (1936– ) Prolific Canadian author, poet, and editor, known for his compilations of Ghost lore, as well as dictionaries of quotations and anthologies relating to Canadian history and culture.

John Robert Colombo was born on March 24, 1936, in Kitchener, Ontario. He has been the author, compiler, or translator of over 190 books during the past five decades.

Colombo often turns his attention to Canadian tales of the supernatural, ghosts, and UFOs. Among his publications are Colombo’s Book of Marvels (1979), Friendly Aliens (1981), Mackenzie King’s Ghost (1991), Close Encounters of the Canadian Kind (1994), Ghost Stories of Ontario (1995), Haunted Toronto (1996), Mysteries of Ontario (1999), Weird Stories (1999), Ghost Stories of Canada (2000), Canadian Tales of Terror (2004), The Monster Book of Canadian Monsters (2004), and True Canadian UFO Stories (2004).

In 2006, Colombo hosted a six-part Canadian television miniseries, Unexplained Canada.


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