Colormancy is divination by colors.


Derived from the English color and Greek manteia ('prophecy')


Color has been used for centuries. It was a popular method of cure even in ancient times. Some 2,500 years ago, Pythagoras applied color light therapeutically and `color halls' were used for healing in ancient Egypt, China and India.


1. Create your color cards. Cut out same-sized squares of paper or swatches of cloth in a variety of solid colors. Or color one side of blank notecards, so you can use them as you would any other type of deck. Add any other shade that you find particularly significant.
2. Place your cards in a pouch or box.
3. Devise an oracular query.
4. Ground and center.
5. As you think about your query with your eyes closed, draw one of the colored pieces from your box or pouch.
6. Interpret your oracle.

Common Associations with Colors
Red — love, courage, passion, excitement, stimulation, energy, fire, anger, fear, embarrassment, “Stop” [first chakra, survival (“blood”)]
Orange — playfulness, optimism, autumn, Halloween, visibility, shock, surprise, insanity [second chakra, sexuality]
Yellow — sun, happiness, creativity, radiance, clarity, caution, jealousy, cowardice, optimism [third chakra, will power]
Green — nature, growth, health, vigor, harmony, rejuvenation, money, envy, disgust, inexperience, unripe, “Go” [fourth chakra, love]
Blue — water, sky, sorrow, tranquility, contemplation, comfort, the unknown (“out of the blue”), friendship (“true blue”) [fifth chakra, self-expression]
Indigo — the unconscious, the psychic, imagination, insight, dreams, relaxation [sixth chakra, intuition]
Violet — spirituality, peace, wisdom, understanding, inspiration, creativity, bliss [seventh chakra, connection to the divine]
White — light, purity, protection, abstraction, transcendence [seventh chakra, spirituality]
Black — darkness, death, mystery, fear, grief, despair, gloom, hiddenness, grounding (earth)
Brown — earth, dirt, soil, decay, dullness, feces, ingratiation (“brown nosing”)
Gold — wealth, preciousness, vitality, radiance, sun, joy, success, talent, abundance, excellence, admiration
Silver — wealth, adornment, clarity, moon, psychic abilities, eloquence (“silver tongue”), hope (“silver lining”)
Pink — love, sweetness, femininity, harmony, health, comfort
Gray — indeterminacy, old age, neutrality, bleakness, conformity, in-between
Purple — royalty, spirit, justice, honor, ornateness (“purple prose”)
Blue green/turquoise — health, ocean, communication, expression, stimulation
Pale green — spring, newness, relaxation
Dark green — summer, forest, plushness, fertility, ripeness


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