At the height of the New Age movement, crystals became popular as tools of physical or emotional healing and as devices to influence various aspects of human existence. Many people believe that certain crystals can act as talismans, or lucky charms, to bring love, for example, or good health, or prosperity. According to New Age teachings, crystals can both direct and contain energy. Although primarily worn as jewellery, crystals are also made into wands that can be waved over certain areas of the body for healing, particularly during a type of therapy in which the crystals are believed to influence a person’s aura, or energy field. Prior to the New Age movement, however, the most common use of crystals was as tools of divination, or predicting the future. For example, someone wanting to know the future would stare into a crystal ball and supposedly see images of events yet to come. Crystal balls are still used today, though they are not nearly as popular as crystal pendulums, which are made by hanging a crystal from a string, chain, or cord. These devices are believed to move spontaneously while being suspended, and their movements are said to indicate certain truths, either relating to the present or future. For example, a crystal pendulum held over a pregnant woman’s belly is said to predict, by the direction of its swing, whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.


  • crystal balls;
  • divination;
  • New Age