The Weeper; The Griever



The Cyhyraeth is a Banshee-like spirit from Glamorganshire, Wales. She is rarely seen but is most frequently heard crying and moaning. The Cyhyraeth is a death omen. Like the Banshee or Caointeach, some are associated with specific families. They wail when a member of the family dies far from home. Others weep in association with multiple deaths affecting a community. The sound of her weeping may foretell epidemics or disaster. She is not a killer but a harbinger. She may deliver warnings, if only we knew how to interpret or react to them.

She frequents crossroads and lingers near water. She may be related to the Washers at the Ford. The Cyhyraeth makes herself visible alongside the Glamorganshire coast just before shipwrecks. She wanders weeping, accompanied by corpse-lights (will-o'-the-wisps or phantom lights). In a Christian slant on her legend, she guides the souls of those who perished in shipwrecks to the nearest church cemetery.

See Also:

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