Demoriel - Aerial Spirit of Solomon
The Seal of Demoriel

The Demon Demoriel is a Demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon.
Demoriel is the emperor of the north, served by 400 great dukes, 600 lesser dukes, and 7,000,008,000,009,000,001 ministering spirits. The Demon Demoriel is one of four Demons named in the Ars Theurgia in connection with the cardinal directions.

According to this text, Demoriel is the primary Emperor of the North, and he rules in this point of the compass with a retinue of four hundred great dukes and six hundred lesser dukes. Demoriel can be called any time in the day or night. Those that would conjure him are advised to retire to a private and out-of-the-way place so that their experiments with his manifestation will remain undisturbed.

He is said to possess an airy nature, and thus he is best viewed by the naked human eye through the medium of a crystal stone or scrying glass. Demoriel also appears in the Steganographia of Johannes Trithemius, a ork that likely influenced the Ars Theurgia.

There are 12 primary dukes, each of whom has 1,140 attending spirits:

  • Amibiel
  • Cabarim
  • Menador
  • Burisiel
  • Doriel
  • Mador
  • Camael
  • Dubilon
  • Meclu
  • Churibal
  • Dabrinos
  • Chomiell

The Conjuration  of Demoriel :