Descriptions of Aliens

In reports given by people who claim to have seen extraterrestrial beings, there are two types of aliens. The first is roughly 2 to 4 feet (.6 to 1.2m) tall, with dolphinlike skin, and the second is about 5 feet (1.5m) tall, with rough, leathery skin. The larger aliens are recognizable as individuals, whereas the smaller aliens are so alike that they are indistinguishable from each other.

Both kinds of aliens are said to have large heads with enormous black, unblinking eyes—usually almond shaped, but sometimes round—with no pupils, irises, corneas, or eyelids. The aliens are supposedly without ears but have a humanlike nose or a slightly raised bump where the nose should be. Many people say that the aliens’ mouths are either slitlike with no lips or O-shaped with very thin lips, and the aliens’ chins are small and pointy. They seem to have no jaws and no muscles that would allow for neck movement. People who claim to have been abducted say that the aliens communicate telepathically, and therefore do not need mouths.

As for aliens’ bodies, abductees say they are very thin, with long, slender arms and skinny, straight legs. Most abductees do not recall seeing the aliens’ feet, though in their accounts some mention long, thin toes. Aliens’ hands are said to have only three long fingers and a thumb, but either clawlike nails or no nails at all. Alien skin is supposedly a shade of gray or tan, with no blemishes or irregular patches. The aliens’ clothing sometimes looks the same as their skin, making it hard to tell whether they are dressed at all. However, the taller aliens are sometimes said to wear white, gray, or black laboratory coats.


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