E Bukura e Dheut

E Bukura e Dheut – Earthly Beauty; Beauty of the Earth

E Bukura e Dheut, Queen of Albania’s Fairies, rules over a host of other beautiful spirits. They are volatile, capricious, and utterly unpredictable. When encountered they may be generous and kind or maliciously destructive. E Bukura e Dheut herself is the epitome of beauty and happiness; her name is sometimes used to describe an ideal woman. She may be petitioned for help if any of her subordinates are misbehaving.

Before E Bukura e Dheut was an Albanian Fairy, she was an Illyrian goddess of beauty and love. Her lover is Tomor, supreme deity of the Illyrians, an Indo-European people, ancestors of many Albanians.

Realm: E Bukura e Dheut lives in a fairy-tale castle atop a mountain guarded by fabulous beasts and creatures. She may also possess an underworld realm.






  • Ana
  • Tünder Ilona


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