Each Uisge

The Each Uisge is considered the most dangerous of Scotland’s water spirits. Each Uisge literally means “Water Horse” in Gaelic, indicating its most famous manifestation. The Each Uisge is a shape-shifter; it is not limited to one form. It may appear in the guise of a sea bird or a handsome young man with seaweed in his hair. The usual manifestation, however, is as a strikingly beautiful, mysterious, prancing horse or pony. The Each Uisge appears to be a friendly horse, someone’s pet who’s just wandered off. It may approach people and beckon them to mount. It’s a trap. Mount the Each Uisge and it will quickly and abruptly plunge deep into the sea. Once drowned, the victim is devoured by the Each Uisge.

The Each Uisge lives in the sea and in Scotland’s deep lochs. It does not necessarily target people; it’s happy to consume sheep or cattle, too, although obviously it must use different ruses. It is smart and insatiably hungry. Attempts made to poison an Each Uisge who lived in Loch na Beiste, Inverness, failed. The best way to survive the Each Uisge is caution and avoidance. Should one wish to beckon them closer, the scent of roasted meat on a deserted shore in a region they ar

Also known as:

Aughisky (Irish)e known to frequent allegedly serves as a lure.

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