Earth Witch: Finding Magic in the Land – Britton Boyd

Earth Witch: Finding Magic in the Land - Britton BoydIn Earth Witch: Finding Magic in the Land, animist, witch, and herbalist Britton Boyd invites you to seek out the deep and mysterious connections with the earth that lie at the ancestral roots of witchcraft. She describes the path of the earth witch not as a linear journey of upward growth, but rather as a cyclical one that ebbs and flows with the forces of nature that reflect the world around us—a path utterly different from the spiritual materialism that has crept into the witchcraft often found in today’s capitalist culture.

Drawing on her own experience hiking the entirety of the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2660-mile trek that stretches from Mexico to the Canadian border, Boyd reminds readers that witchcraft has always been based in the energy of the land, and that you can find all you need to practice this magic right beneath your feet.

This book provides those new to witchcraft with foundational practices on which to build an organic spirituality rooted in the natural world, and challenges seasoned witches to renew the ancient relationship with the earth that lies at the heart of their craft. Packed with stories, spells, and rituals, Boyd encourages all of us to live in service to the planet we call home.

Will you heed the call?


Earth Witch: Finding Magic in the Land - Britton Boyd