A patented form of astral travel devised by American guru Paul Twitchell (1908-1971). In a series of out-of-body experiences Twitchell claimed to have made contact with superior beings in the astral plane called the Eck Masters, who showed him this special technique for astral travel and taught him a series of complex, universal and comprehensive spiritual truths. It was on the basis of these truths that Twitchell founded the Eck-ankar organization in 1965: an international organization where followers can learn the truths and practise astral projection or ‘soul travel’ according to the methods and techniques revealed to Twitchell by the Eck Masters.

Twitchell lectured all over the world, establishing 284 Eckankar centres in 23 countries. He claimed to use soul travel to heal, exorcise ghosts from haunted places, find missing persons and help others in their spiritual self-discovery. Twitchell was adored by his followers who called him Mahanta, the living embodiment of the God consciousness on earth. He died in 1971 and in 1986 the Eckankar headquarters moved to their current location in Minneapolis, Minnesota:


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