Edwards, Frank Allyn

Frank Allyn Edwards (1908−1967) was a writer, radio announcer, and radio political commentator and was one of the founders of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena in the 1950s, a group devoted to lobbying the U.S. government to release any secret information it might have on UFOs. He also wrote many popular books on UFOs and other paranormal subjects, including Stranger than Science (1959), Strange World (1964), Flying Saucers—Serious Business (1966), and Flying Saucers—Here and Now! (1967), in addition to writing articles on paranormal subjects for Fate magazine.

Most of his works featured interesting, entertaining, supposedly true anecdotes, with touches of humor. His books and articles were extremely popular with the public, though skeptics continually accused him of distorting the facts.


  • Fate magazine
  • UFOs


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