egg A Symbol of genesis, beginnings, and growth. The egg, properly fertilized with the creative force and incubated, germinates new life. In a dream, this might be a new project, a new phase in life, or a new sense of self. The egg also is a universal symbol of fertility. In mythology, the egg represents the primordial cosmos, the life principle, the undifferentiated totality, wholeness, and the womb of the Mother Goddess. This Cosmic Egg is often represented by an egg entwined by a snake (see serpent /snake) or ouroborous. In alchemy, the egg is the Prima Materia, or hermetically sealed vessel, in which the philosopher’s stone is created. Its white color lends it the association of perfection. Michael maier, in Atalanta fugiens (1617), depicts a knight with sword poised to strike an egg. Maier explains that the knight is Mars (iron) and fire (Vulcan’s sword) and that the egg represents both gold and sul phur and albedo, the whitening stage of the Great Work. States Maier: There is a bird in the world, more sublime than all, Let it be your only care to fi nd its egg. Attack it cautiously with a fiery sword, (as is the custom), Let Mars assist Vulcan; the bird arising from it Will be conqueror of iron and fire. Other meanings of eggs are spiritual nourishment, hope, and resurrection. See also l am.

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