Elite Café – Phenix City

The Elite Café has one real claim to fame: it was here that Albert Patterson was gunned down, in an alleyway just beside the café and the local police station. And there are some who say that Patterson’s spirit remains where his life ended.

More than once, the local police have been called by panicked witnesses, sure that there is a man dying in the street next to the Elite. They describe a man who appears to have been shot, with blood pouring from his wounds. Each time, police vehicles speed to the scene, only to find nothing. No man, no bullet casings, no blood and no sign of any crime. At first, the angry police assumed that someone was playing a bad joke on them. Now it’s happened so often that they just shrug their shoulders and go home.

Others have claimed to see a man walking in the alleyways of Phenix City. He is dressed in an outfit from decades before. But he never talks to anyone, and if you try and approach him, he simply disappears. Is this the ghost of Albert Patterson? Is he looking for those who killed him, still working to clean up a town that has been clean for more than fifty years? Or maybe he just wants to make sure that he’s never forgotten.



Haunted Alabama Black Belt written by David Higdon and Brett Talley – Copyright © 2013 by David Higdon and Brett Talley – All rights reserved