Elitism Vs Common Logic

Elitism Vs Common Logic  By Rev. Frederick Nagash

Elitism is a hot topic among occult groups, with this group claiming to be only for “the best” and another group claiming to be “only for real Satanists or Luciferians”.

The COL has, at times, has fallen under the stigma of elitism by those who were rejected for membership.

This article will explain why we do not consider ourselves elite, nor do we run the Church of Lucifer as an elitist organization. This will sound harsh, but, for every ten applications we recieve, one person becomes a member. This is not due to elitism, but due to how thorough one fills out his or her application and answers the simple questions we pose in the post-application interview.

Before one even considers joining a religious organization of any type, they should at least read the literature. We recieve applications daily from people who seem oblivious to the real occult, yet want to join an occult order. It's kind of like deciding one day, “Hey, I want to be a Muslim”, but never reading the Quaran.

Why do people do such assinine things? A need for acceptance? A belief that religion will magickally turn their lives around just by joining and putting forth no effort?

It takes little effort to read a couple books and the entire website of the group one wishes to join. However, most believe they can “get by”.

In some groups, this may be the case. We would like all of our members to know, at least, the basic tenets of Luciferianism or Satanism before submitting an application, where half of the answers are either “I don't know” or “none”.

Asking that the applicant know what they are joining is not too much to ask, nor do I think anyone could label us as elitists or snobs because of it. It is highly suggested that if someone is rejected from the COL to wait three months and read up on at least the basic tenets before requesting another application.

If someone is contemplating joining the COL, make sure to read the entire website and to pick up a few books on the subject from authors in the occult movement.

If you still have questions feel free to e-mail us from the contact link. Everything in this world is a manifestation of our own free will, for good or ill! Ave Luciferi Rex! Ave Ain!