Erlik Khan

In a primordial era, prior to creation of our world, Erlik Khan was the spirit of Venus, the Morning Star. Each morning before dawn, he slaughters all the other stars. After Earth was created, Tengri, supreme creator, destroyed Erlik’s celestial territory. Erlik Khan requested even a tiny plot of land on Earth, but apparently no room could be found for him: he was given a subterranean realm instead. He is King of the Mongolian Underworld, a Hades-like figure. Under Buddhist influence, he was further demoted and classified as a Demon.

Erlik Khan is a proud, brooding spirit. He has spent centuries plotting his revenge. In the Mongol vision of the Apocalypse, at the end of time, Erlik Khan will emerge from his realm accompanied by an entourage of nine iron warriors riding nine iron horses. Everyone and everything in their path will be destroyed. People will beg for help from various deities but will receive no response, possibly because Erlik Khan’s posse got to them first. His two most powerful warriors will attack Buddha Shakyamuni. Earth will be consumed by flames emerging from his blood. Until then, Erlik Khan waits …

A character named Erlik Khan is an arch-foe of Marvel comic hook hero Dr. Strange.







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