The Erotes are winged spirits of love, servants and messenger of Eros (who is sometimes classified among the Erotes). They accompany humans during life. After death, they serve as psychopomps, guiding souls to the next realm.

The following spirits may be considered Erotes:

• Eros: primeval spirit, eldest of the Erotes, Lord of Love

• Anteros: spirit of requited love

• Hedylogos: spirit of sweet talk, pillow talk, and the come-on line

• Hermaphroditus: spirit of the perfect, complete union of female and male

• Himeros: spirit of sexual desire

• Hymenaios: spirit of the wedding

• Pothos: the spirit of yearning

Also known as:

Amoretti; Putti



See Also:

  • Anteros
  • Eros


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