The Faerie Way : A Healing Journey to Other Worlds – Hugh Mynne

The Faerie Way : A Healing Journey to Other Worlds -  Hugh MynneThe Faerie are not just little sprites with wings. They are an entire spiritual race of beings that exists on another level of reality, the Faerie realms. In The Faerie Way by Hugh Mynne you will not only find out the truth about these peaceful people, but also you will learn the practical techniques you need to visit them and obtain wisdom that can change your life.

If the idea of journeying to a spiritual world sounds shamanic, it is because shamanism is at the core of the Faerie faith. The methods for traveling to their world involve altering your consciousness through relaxation, visualization, prayer, and knowledge.

To the Faerie initiate, darkness and light, life and death, male and female are aspects of one totality ó and every tree, flower, and blade of grass sings with its own spirit. This book will help you look under the Faerie mounds and open you to the holiness of all life’s cycles and chances, and the eternal beauty underlying all.

For guidance on your path, you will read about four previous explorers of the Faerie realms, one of whom is George “A.E.” Russell who not only wrote about the Faerie, but also painted pictures of them. The book includes five of his paintings, in full color, which have never been published before.

The journey you can take is magical. Through contact with immensely powerful allies and animal helpers in the Faerie world you’ll reunite with your Faerie “Co-Walker” to heal old wounds, overcome personal demons, and even help rebuild our shattered world. Start working with this book now.

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The Faerie Way : A Healing Journey to Other Worlds -  Hugh Mynne