The First of the Scrolls of Ain – of Virtues

1. Harm none, lest they harm you.
2. Show kindness to all, even your enemies! For they are less likely to suspect your secret workings agains’t them. Be sinister in private and merciless magickally!

3. Reflect on your words before you say them.

4. Refuse not your woman or man if they will.

5. Teach in children the virtues given.

6. Never impose upon anothers will.

7. Reflect on your deeds before you do them.

8. All things of this world are yours.

9. Love the few, but love wholly.

10. Hate any, whom would impose upon thy will.

11. Preach only to those who wish hear it.

12. Preserve thy religion of the divine truths.

13. Trust is not blindly given, everyone must earn your trust first.

14. Hate with as much passion as you love!

The First of the Scrolls of Ain – Of Virtues by Rev. Frederick Nagash

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