First World Hotel, Genting Highlands

Image: Agoda
If you’ve been to Malaysia’s coolest spot, Genting Highlands, for its theme park or (cough) casino, or just to pretend that you’re in a winter country for a while, it’s likely that you would have spent a night or two at First World Hotel. However, many of us know that behind the colourful façade of this hotel lies numerous stories of paranormal activity.

Rumour has it that the entire 21st floor of the building is closed and elevators are programmed to bypass the floor altogether. Some rooms are also said to be cursed and never available for guests even when the hotel is fully occupied. Given the active casino operating here, many believe that the hotel is haunted by ghosts of gambling-related suicide victims. Stories of translucent figures and faceless apparitions continue to haunt the corridors of First World Hotel. The next time you plan to stay at Guiness World Record’s largest hotel in the world, make sure you bring a friend.