Fish, Sir

Sir Fish is not exactly a fish: he’s a whale. Sir Fish, King of the Sea, is a guardian deity in the form of a whale. He is the patron of fishermen whom he protects out on open waters. Sir Fish is widely venerated along the central and southern coasts of Vietnam. Festivals are held in his honour. He may be an incarnation of the Lord of the South Seas. Sir Fish is associated with prominent Vietnamese male military or naval heroes and may be enshrined alongside them.

Whales are Sir Fish’s sacred messengers and must be treated with immense respect. (Disrespect directed toward his messengers is the equivalent of disrespect directed towards Sir Fish.) The first person to catch sight of a whale carcass is considered as one of Sir Fish’s elder sons and must arrange and observe appropriate funeral rites for the whale. The whale carcass must be respectfully interred. In return, the man will receive blessings of good fortune from Sir Fish.


Ca Ong; Mr. Fish; Grandfather Fish; Lord Fish




Fishermen and men in general; Sir Fish is a men’s deity.


Whale bones that have washedashore are enshrined in his many temples along Vietnam’s southern coast.


  • La Baleine
  • Dragon Kings of the Sea


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