Lord; Master; The Generous One; Wise Fruitful

Also known as:

Frey; Fro; Frothi; Frodi; Yngvi; Ing





Freyr is the Lord of Peace, Plenty, Prosperity, and Pleasure. Freya’s brother and lover, he is a spirit of rain, sun, and bountiful harvests. He is the Elven King. He dispenses wealth, love, and fertility to adults and good luck to children.

In comparison to Thor and Odin, relatively little is known regarding Freyr. Later chroniclers of Norse myth were less interested or identified less with Vanir spirits, or perhaps the Vanir are just innately more shadowy and mysterious. Freyr is a divine ancestor, a spirit of growth. He is venerated as a phallic deity. Although Freyr is a lover, he’s a fierce warrior, too. His nature may be epitomized by the fierce, virile boars that are his sacred animal.

Freyr was especially popular in Sweden where, in ceremonies similar to those dedicated to his mother, Herta, his sacred image was carried from farm to farm annually in a wagon. It was expected to stimulate abundance, fertility, prosperity, and good fortune. Freyr was considered an ancestral spirit by the kings of Uppsala, who may have used his name as a title. (Freyr literally means “Lord” and is a title.) Some Icelandic chiefs bore the title “Priest of Freyr.”

Favored people:

Seafarers; lovers; brewers


An image thought to represent him depicts a man in a pointy cap, holding his beard in his hand. In his shrine at Uppsala, Freyr was represented as a virile man with a large, erect penis. An alternative image portrayed him as a young boy traveling across the sea. His image was featured on armor and weapons.


A sword, which emerges independently from its scabbard, creating a field of carnage wherever its owner directs; a ship whose sails always attract favorable winds but could be folded up and carried


Brown, gold, green

Mounts: A golden boar named Golden Bristles. Freyr’s chariot is drawn by two boars. He also rides a horse named Bloody Hooves.

Place: Center of veneration was in Uppsala, Sweden, where it continued long after most of Scandinavia had converted to Christianity

Runes: The runes with which Freyr is associated include Ehwaz, Fehu, and Ingwaz

Offering: The Yule boar, or male pig, commemorates the annual sacrificial boar offered to Freyr in winter. Serve Freyr libations of fresh water, barley wine, ale, or mead.

See Also:

Elves; Freya; Gerda; Herta; Odin; Shiva; Thor; Vanir and the Glossary entry for Rune


Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses – Written by : Judika Illes Copyright © 2009 by Judika Illes.

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