Gaddis, Vincent H.

Gaddis, Vincent H. (1913–1997) Vincent H. Gaddis is credited with naming an area of the Atlantic Ocean where ships and planes have apparently disappeared under mysterious circumstances the Bermuda Triangle. He wrote numerous articles on the paranormal, which were published in such magazines as True Mystic Science and Amazing Stories during the 1930s and 1940s.

In 1948 he helped establish the magazine Fate and wrote many articles for that publication. His first use of the term Bermuda Triangle was in an article for an adventure magazine called Argosy in 1964. In this article, which subsequently appeared in Gaddis’s 1965 book Invisible Horizons, the author promoted the view that some kind of paranormal phenomenon, as opposed to storms or other ordinary mishaps, was responsible for the disappearances. He wrote several other books on the paranormal, including Mysterious Fires and Lights (1967).


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