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A friend of mine, when told about the collection of true ghost stories I have been compiling, offered one of her own. Her family home is located nearby, in Wysor Valley. The house sits away from the main road, down a narrow dirt drive. It is the last house on the lane, and the only one that has been occupied for several years. A couple of steep curves in the drive block the view of the main road, and likewise, the house can not be seen from there. For many years, since my friend, who is now nearly thirty years old, was a young child, a phantom car has been seen driving up this lane in the evening darkness. The crunch of the gravel under the tires is audible, and the headlights can be seen making their way up the drive. Often, family members have seen the headlights as they cast their glow through the windows of the house, have heard the car pull into the driveway, the slamming of a car door, and then…silence. Many times, a family member, or friend has went to the door to welcome the arrival, to find the drive empty and no car in sight. Other times, the car has been seen actually passing the house, and making its way further along the hollow. The problem is, there is no road there!! The road ends in the family driveway. Many have witnessed, however, the lights of a retreating car as it made it's way past the house and further along the hollow.

My friend related to me that when she and her sisters were younger, they would be playing in the yard late into the evening. At some point, the sound of an approaching car could be heard, and the distant lights would be seen as the car approached, disappearing in the last bend before reaching the house. She and her sisters would stand in the roadway awating the approaching car. Though the sound of the car along the road would continue, no car could be seen. The sound would approach, pass right by them, and continue on. Then they would catch glipses of the retreating headlights farther along the hollow. It became a game for the children, letting the phantom car “run them over”. She claims that the car makes an appearance, at random times, even to this day.

© Paulette Boyd

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