Ghost houses in Windhoek

V-Metro this week visited three ‘ghost houses’ in Katutura, Windhoek North and Khomasdal just to find what really happens in those houses.
In Katutura, just behind the old cemetery in Dolam Location along Ewa Schumacher Street, there is an old creepy house that looks as if it’s about to collapse.
“We are now living in fear of a white-dressed ghost which has attacked a number of people who pass by the front of that yard any time after midnight,” Erastus Araeb who lives nearby says.
Araeb adds that the owner of the house moved out five months ago after his wife passed away in a car accident.
“When he came back from burying his wife in the village, he acted ‘wired’ and crazy. He always ran out of the house screaming things like people should ‘take her out of his house’ until he neglected it. His family members have tried staying in there since but they usually move out within a week. 
“After 12h00, residents have resorted to using other roads when going home for fear of being attacked by the ‘female ghost in a white dress’,” relates a man who stays in the same street who only identified himself as Ben.
Another victim who begged for anonymity says: “One day I was walking past the house alone at around midnight and felt as if someone was following me. When I turned around, I saw a long white dress suspended in the air. Before I could comprehend what was going on, the dress started slapping me across the face, then all over my body. I ran for my dear life and when I narrated my ordeal to my family, none of them believed me since they thought I was drunk.” 
He also revealed that his family only bought his story when some residents complained about seeing a pair of trousers that ‘brushed them’ as well.
The one in Windhoek North was mysteriously burnt down three years ago during the day.
The source says what baffles the residents is that there is no logical explanation for what sparked the fire except for insinuations that the house was haunted.
According to Martha van Wyk, a Basson family lived at the house six years ago and the wife died suddenly.
“They said it was a heart attack. The family that occupied the house later complained about hearing strange voices and footsteps during the night,” said Van Wyk.
She added that the family moved out, put up the house for sale but until now nobody has bought it.
In Khomasdal, on your way from Social Security to Funky Town before you reach the robots on your left hand, there is a green house that was recently demolished.
The neighbours say that the house was haunted, “People would buy the house but within a month, it would be on sale. A man who once stayed there and moved out after a while said that there was no peace in that house because he would have nightmares about ghosts every night,” said John Mogotsi, who owns the next door house.