John Girvan

John Girvan is a Historian, author, and Ghost researcher in Devises, Wiltshire, England. John Girvan works as a traditional blacksmith at the Canal Forge at Lower Wharf in Devises, a town especially known for its Hauntings.

Girvan became interested in ghosts in the course of his historical research. In answer to popular interest, he created ghost walks in Devises in the mid-1980s, which quickly established him as a leading authority on ghosts in Wiltshire. He also conducts paranormal investigations. He describes his approach as “open-minded but skeptical,” questioning everything.

Girvan makes numerous media appearances and was featured on Ghost Towns, a series starring DEREK ACORAH. He is the author of several books, among them Ghosts of Devises, Ghosts of Devises—Casebook II, Under Devises, and Devises Hidden Secrets.

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