The Great Seal of America

It's base is the triangular seal of mind, body, and soul with all that it embodies lying within it.

In this case it is the third eye that sees all…just what the American Government tries to do.

It tries to see and control all but it can't control all…just see it.

As for the Latin words, Novus Ordo Seclorum roughly translates to, “new world order”; E Pluribus Unum is, “from many entities”; and Annuit Coeptis is roughly, “declare beginning”.

The entire phrase could be construed as, “Declaring the beginning of a new world order from many others.” THE MOST HIGH TRIUMVIRATE OF THE Living CONTINUUM Amah-Ushumgal-Anna [Ama Usum-Gal An] translates to, “great mother-dragon of heaven”.

This can be referenced to Tiamat, the Babylonian serpent of creation.

Habsu is a variation of Apsu, the Sumero-Babylonian fresh water seas beneath the earth. Chthhulhu (aka Kutulu) was a Necronomicon/Lovecraft creation representing the underworld, “He who lies, Dead but Dreaming”. “I am, I will, I create” is the basis of the Living Continuum…the motto of the existence of it, that which sustains itself.

The symbol in the center is a commonly known glyph representing infinity, meaning that The Living Continuum is infinite, with no end and no beginning. It was, is, and shall be.

It is the Alpha Omega, it's way in itself complete. Trey Azagthoth, the assumed creator of this triangular symbol, described it as this: “The Living Continuum is the principal force and form by which all manifestation is possible.

It is both the active willful ability to create as well as the materials to create from. It is both the force that expands our universe as well as the form which contains it.

It is both the active, willful ability to assemble as well as the material parts that make up this assembly. It is both that which is as well as that which is not.” He then goes on to describe a bit more but that is a good basic on it.

The Great Seal of America – By Rev. Maskim Xul



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