The Greater Church of Lucifer – Future Projects

The Greater Church of Lucifer is dedicated to helping mankind as a whole. We feel that in order help mankind progress we as an organization must step up and assist those in our membership ranks in way that no other organization has done before. This will also help upcoming members understand our drive and future goals which we can achieve together as a whole.

Below are brief descriptions of our future projects and goals these will be added to over time.

Drug/Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs

Addiction of any kind is a form of self-slavery and self-destruction. This program will be created free of charge with the intent to help members who no longer wish to be at the mercy of addiction. Those who wish not to use this program will never be looked down upon for what path they choose, but will not be able to hold leadership positions within the church due to the unstable nature of addiction. Addiction is tricky in nature as we never see it coming and one it’s here it holds onto us with a firm grip. Some people want to break free from the bonds of this vice and others do not. To each their own.

Member Food Banks

These banks will help members free of charge to keep them and their families fed during rough times. With today’s world economy there is no stability in what will happen next. We must prepare for the worst in all accounts. This program will be made for members who are on these hard times to ensure that them and their families are fed.

Writers Guild

The Greater Church of Lucifer plans to have a guild for published works. This will allow talented writers of the Luciferian current write and publish books free of charge under the brand of the GCOL. A percentage of the books profits will go to the print and publishing of the works and other church programs and a percentage to the writer.

Music Guild

Music is the key to the mind and “soul.” We plan on creating a place where church members who have talent in music can get there work heard. A percentage of the music’s profits will go to the production and marketing of the works and other church programs and a percentage to the composer.