Grey School of Wizardry

Grey School of Wizardry Online school of magickal and alchemical arts, founded in 2004 by Oberon ZellRavenheart. The Grey School of Wizardry offers courses taught by leading practitioners to students ages 11 and up.

The school is an outgrowth of the Grey Council, two dozen mages and sages who created the curriculum, and some of whom remain on the faculty. The school opened on Lughnasagh (August 1) 2004, and by early 2008 had more than 1,050 students enrolled. Its long-range vision is to make the wisdom of the ages available to new generations and the new millennium.

There are 16 departments of study: Wizardry, Nature Studies, magickal Practice, mind magicks, Healing, Wortcunning, Divination, Performance magicks, Alchemy and magickal Sciences, Lifeways, Beast mastery, Cosmology, mathemagicks, Ceremonial magick, Lore and Dark Arts. Zell serves as headmaster.

Youth students (11–17) are organized into elemental houses (Gnomes, Salamanders, Sylphs and Undines), and adult students (18 and older) are in elemental lodges (Flames, Stones, Waters and Winds).

In addition to online studies, there are events, personal internships and other activities. PriMary handbooks are Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard (2004) and Companion for the Apprentice Wizard (2006), both written by Zell.

Further Reading:

  • Grey School of Wizardry Web site. Available online. UrL: Accessed June 4, 2008.


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