Guaicaipuro (died c. 1568) was a historic person who is now among the most important spirits of the Venezuelan spiritual tradition, Maria Lionza. He was the Chief of the Caracas and Teques people: Caracas, capital city of Venezuela, is situated on their ancestral territory.

Guaicaipuro led a federation of tribes in resistance against the Spanish during the 1560s, including obstructing their efforts to mine for gold. Ironically his image now frequently appears on gold medallions. He was assassinated: a band of Spanish men acting under the orders of Diego Losada, Spanish mayor of Caracas, attacked his village. Guaicaipuro’s house was set on fire. Ambushers waited for him to run outside, where he was killed. Guaicaipuro belongs to various Courts of Maria Lionza:

• The Three Potencies

• Court of the Liberators

• He is the leader of the Indian Court, which also includes his son, Baruta.

Guaicaipuro is invoked for protection from one’s enemies: to divert evil intentions and break harmful magic spells.

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Guaicaipuro’s remains were symbolically installed in the National Pantheon in Caracas on 8 December 2001. (“Symbolic” because the location of his actual remains, if they exist, is unknown.)


Water, tobacco products, hard liquor similar to aguardiente

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