Gulf Breeze sightings

So many unidentified flying objects have been sighted over Gulf Breeze, Florida, that the town is considered by enthusiasts to be a UFO hot spot. Witnesses to these incidents have been alone or in groups, and they have included police officers, local government officials, and a retired Air Force pilot. The pilot snapped still photographs of the UFO he saw, and many others have also photographed UFOs over Gulf Breeze. These objects have been videotaped as well. For example, an ABC news crew filmed a UFO in the skies over Gulf Breeze on January 11, 1991, and a Japanese crew from the NIPON television network filmed another UFO over Gulf Breeze on May 10, 1991. In addition, a man named Ed Walters claims that he was abducted by aliens while in Gulf Breeze, and he too has photographs of UFOs flying in the skies over the town.

Sceptics dismiss Walters’s story as a fabrication; they accuse him of photographing a model of a UFO rather than an actual UFO. Indeed, in 1990 a reporter covering the Mutual UFO Network International Symposium on the Gulf Breeze sightings found a model of a spaceship at Walters’s former home. After this discovery, Walters insisted that the model was the wrong size and shape to produce the UFOs seen in his photographs and accused debunkers of manufacturing the model in order to discredit him. However, even notable ufologists like Jacques F. Vallee have questioned Walters’s veracity and have accused him and other residents of Gulf Breeze of creating fake UFO photographs in order to make their community famous.


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