Hebrides Werewolf

Hebrides Werewolf Case of a phantom WEREWOLF in the Hebrides Islands off Scotland, similar in characteristics of the MERIONETHSHIRE WEREWOLF of Wales, in which an angry ghostly werewolf comes looking for its bones.

The incident occurred in the early 20th century to Andrew Warren and his grandfather, an elder of the local church. Interested in natural history and geology, the grandfather would often go out into the countryside, looking for interesting specimen. One day while poking around in a dried up tarn, he found some odd bones and brought them home and showed them to Warren. They appeared to be the bones of a human skeleton with a wolflike head.

One evening the boy was alone at home while the adults were at church. He heard a noise at the back of the house, but could find no signs of an intruder. The bones were laid out on the kitchen table. Suddenly, there was a loud rapping of knuckles on the window. Looking up, Warren saw a dark face, at first indistinct, and then becoming clearer. It was a large wolf head atop a human neck. Shocked, Warren’s immediate thought was that it was some bizarre illusion caused by reflections of the setting sun in the glass. But the face did not go away. Warren took in its details: It has slightly distended jaws; lips curled in a snarl that showed sharp, white teeth; pointed ears; and green eyes. The werewolf raised a humanlike hand that had long, curved nails.

Fearing that it was about to smash through the glass, Warren ran out of the kitchen, locking the door behind him. He stayed in the hallway until the family came home. By then, the werewolf had gone. The next day, Warren and his grandfather returned the bones to the tarn. The werewolf was never seen again.


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From: the Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters – Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley -a leading expert on the paranormal -Copyright © 2005 by Visionary Living, Inc.