Intranquil Spirit

Intranquil Spirit


Spain, Latin America

The Intranquil Spirit is the name given to a type of dead soul that wanders restlessly but can find no home or resting place; hence its description as “Intranquil.” The Intranquil Spirit cannot rest in peace. Details of the Intranquil Spirit—why it’s Intranquil—can be vague, but basically, the Intranquil Spirit cannot enter Heaven but is not bad enough to go to Hell, and so is left wandering Earth. This is a class of spirits, not one individual ghost and so the specific transgression that caused this fate may vary from one Intranquil Spirit to another.

In general, Intranquil Spirits are associated with romantic transgressions. Alterna tively, it’s not that Intranquil Spirits can’t leave Earth; it’s that they won’t: romantic obsessions they experienced while alive bind them to Earth. Intranquil Spirits typically signal their presence via romantic obsessions.

• Intranquil Spirits may take control of an unwilling human being.

• Intranquil Spirits may be invoked to participate in love spells.

Intranquil Spirits may behave like Dybbuks. In order to find relief from their incessant wandering, they take possession of a living person. The presence of the Intranquil Spirit becomes apparent (at least to those who can recognize such things) because the living host abruptly develops a romantic obsession, falling desperately in love with someone, possibly a stranger and often someone completely inappropriate. The possessed host may feel compelled to perform irresponsible and even dangerous actions that are completely out of character and so this Intranquil Spirit must be exorcised.

The romantic powers associated with the Intranquil Spirit are sometimes invoked by spell casters to force a recalcitrant spouse or lover to return. Intranquil Spirit spells derive from traditional Spanish verbal love charms intended to dominate an ex-lover, force his return, or make him crazy until he returns. The Intranquil Spirit is invoked to transfer some intranquility to the target of the spell to ensure that he returns submissively to the spell caster.

The Intranquil Spirit is beckoned closer by burning Intranquil Spirit candles or incense (commercially available) and by chanting a traditional invocation. Variations on the invocation exist but this is the gist:

Oh, Intranquil Spirit, wandering from Heaven to Hell and from Hell to Heaven, hear me!

Nobody calls you,

I call you!

Nobody wants you,

I want you!

Nobody needs you,

I need you!

Oh, Intranquil Spirit, hear me!

Help me!

Capture and control all five senses of (name of the target of the spell)

Do not let (name of the target of the spell) rest in peace,

Not even for one second,

Not sitting, standing, or sleeping

(Name of target of spell) must run and run and run and run and run until (name of target of spell) falls at my feet

No one helps (name of target)

No one loves (name of target)

No one desires (name of target)

No widow, divorcee, married, or single woman/man loves (name of Target)

Amen, Amen, Amen, Selah, Selah, Selah.

Here’s the catch. If the Intranquil Spirit helps and your lover comes crawling back, your payment to the Intranquil Spirit is to assume its role. After you die, the Intranquil Spirit is free to travel to an afterlife realm while you are fated to become an Intranquil Spirit forever or until someone invokes your help with an unwilling love. (And of course, the Intranquil Spirit who once helped you is now invested in your death.)


  • Dybbuk;
  • Ghost;
  • Padilla, Maria de


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