Queen of the Fairies



Irodeasa is the beautiful but possibly dangerous Romanian witch-goddess and Queen of the Fairies. Her name is the Romanian form of Herodias.

• She may be a goddess branded with the name of the New Testament’s “wickedest woman” and whose original name is now unknown or secret.

• She may be Herodias herself.

• She may be a Romanian path of Diana.

Irodeasa presides over the Romanian men’s mystery dance/healing/possession society known as the Calus and their annual rituals. Similar societies once extended through the Balkans, as well. She leads the Fairies known as Ielle. Irodeasa can raise and soothe storms. She is the queen of the forest. She can heal and cause illness. Scholars suggest that she may originally have been a goddess of death.

Gail Kligman’s Calus (University of Chicago Press, 1981) offers detailed information regarding the history and rituals of the Calusari, members of the Calus.

Number: 9


Pour libations for her.


Diana; Fairy; Herodias; Ielle


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