The Harlot; The Whore



Jahi is a primordial spirit who may have begun her incarnation as a Creatrix. Jahi is the first goddess and the first woman. She emerged from the void, then brought forth a serpent from herself. She and the snake made love, conceiving the whole world. That first sexual encounter with the serpent caused menstruation. (In some parts of the world, the phrase “bitten by a snake” remains a euphemism for menstruation, especially a girl’s first period.) So in addition to the universe in general, Jahi is specifically credited with inventing snakes, sex, and menstruation.

Once upon a time, a really long time ago, she was considered the holiest of the holy. But times change, and Jahi was reappraised. Much of what is documented about her derives from the perspective of Zoroastrian holy texts in whose context she is considered among the worst of the worst. Zoroastrianism describes Jahi as the Demon of Lasciviousness, the cause of menstruation; a “polluting whore” whose temptations must be resisted. She is the consort of Ahriman, the dreaded spirit of destruction. Although she is no longer considered the creator of the universe or a celestial power, Zoroastrianism still assigns Jahi dominion over menstruation and sex (especially illicit sex or sexual acts perceived as polluting).

Jahi is the spirit of flesh and fluids. To comprehend Zoroastrian disapproval of Jahi, one must appreciate that she is a spirit of wet dampness in the context of a spiritual tradition that deifies and venerates fire. Jahi is described as offending fire. Her presence threatens to diminish or extinguish it.

The resemblance of Jahi’s name to at least some of the names ascribed to the Jewish god is impossible to ignore. Many also perceive resemblances between Jahi’s myth and the biblical story of the Garden of Eden.

Jahi is the primordial mother. Those exploring women’s mysteries or specifically menstrual magic and mysteries may invoke her sponsorship and assistance.


Jahi is moist: her vagina is wet and/or bloody; she perspires; her ringlets are described as dripping, whether water or sweat; she may be felt as a damp emanation. She is an intensely yin spirit.








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