Jesus Christ – Church of Lucifer

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]mmm, a dead son of a God on a stick, this would seem to sound a bit abrasive but it is however a truth.
Christians have twisted the story of Christ around so much there is no one story that has not been manipulated about the Lord of the fools.

In reality the Christian Church would not tell you Jesus there so called pure son of God had sex with Mary Magdalene in the original uncut un-manipulated Bible.

Hundreds of pages have been torn out of or rewritten in the Bible to make it seem there Bastard son and his father could do no wrong.

How could a fully evolved human being believe in all that rubbish that he died for us and for our sins I say thanks but I need no salvation from my sins.

They treat him like a God because he supposedly died for our sins, but if he could save the world why couldn't the fool save himself?

If someone in today's society were to claim to be the son of God they would be mocked and called a lunatic so why is it possible then and not today?

Christianity is a blinded closed minded faith of death and perversion, and I will defend all of my accusations.

First off ask a Christian why he believes in God and Jesus Christ and he will not be able to give you a solid answer he may tell you because the Bible tells them so but the Bible was written by man you might as well worship something from a Stephen King novel then.

Christianity is closed minded to all other philosophies and religions and I have experienced this first hand, Just take a buss and wear a noticeable Baphomet or Inverted Pentagram and watch all the little Christians stair at you like a murdering freak.

Christianity is a death worshipping faith as they all live to please a God whom they have no physical proof of to go to some kind of cloud filled wonderland of joy which they have no solid proof of.

And finally Christianity is a religion of pure perversion as in the Bible it states man was put on the earth to reproduce and yet the Christian Church would tell you pre-marital sex is wrong, but I ask why is it wrong?

Suppose you were to marry someone then find out you are not sexually compatible then what?

Christians can have there little beliefs if you even wish to call them that for they really have nothing to believe in but if they ever chose to bash the Satanist I simply ask them why are they a Christian and leave them stumped!

By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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