Kabbalistic Cross

A Kabbalistic Cross is in the magical tradition of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a Ritual that is performed at the beginning and the end of all magical workings. The ritual draws down divine power using the Kabbalistic Tree of Life so that the practitioner becomes a cross of light.

There are four components to the Kabbalistic Cross:

1. Touch the forehead while vibrating Ateh (thou art)

2. Touch the breast while vibrating Malkuth (the Kingdom)

3. Touch the right shoulder while vibrating VeGeburah (and the power)

4. Touch the left shoulder while vibrating Ve-Gedulah (and the Glory)

While performing these actions, the magician visualizes his hand drawing a line of white light through the crown of his head so that the light pours through his body to the solar plexus and then through to the feet, which are associated with the sephirah of Malkuth. The hand also draws a line of light from the right shoulder to the left shoulder. Thus the body becomes a cross of light. The magician visualizes in the center of the cross a rose or a rose-cross, while saying Le-Olam, Amen.


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