Kalu Kumara

Kalu Kumara : The Black Prince

Kalu Kumara is a Demonic Eros; a disease Demon whose favourite target is young girls on the threshold of womanhood although he will also strike older women and sometimes infants and children. He attacks through dreams so pleasurable that his victims may not appreciate that they are being attacked or may not care.

Kalu Kumara manifests to women via ecstatic erotic dreams. His target may wish never to wake from this beautiful rapture, wherein is the problem. Kalu Kumara is a vampire: he doesn’t suck blood nor is he frightening (unless he wishes to be) but he is draining his victim’s life essence. His attacks are accompanied by malaise, wasting, anorexia (not because she’s worried about weight or appearance but because the victim can’t be bothered to eat; she lacks appetite) and the desire to sleep all the time, in hopes of once again receiving a visit. Without shamanic intervention, Kalu Kumara’s dreams may ultimately lead to serious illness and death. Various protective measures are used to control and repel Kalu Kumara. If dream attacks occur, a specially trained shaman can drive him out and prevent his return.

Kalu Kumara may be an embittered spirit. His name literally means “Black Prince”; he is royalty and was a significant deity prior to Sinhalese conversion to Buddhism. Once upon a time, he didn’t have to invade dreams: devotees came to him. Offerings are sometimes made to propitiate him and prevent him from manifesting dangerously. He can sometimes manifest benevolently and has the power to heal illness as well cause it. If he desires, he can bestow fertility rather than death.


Kalu Yaka


Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)

Spirit allies:

Kalu Kumara’s assistants are the spirits known as the Seven Barren Queens who transmit infertility to women. Kalu Kumara may be especially dreaded because where he goes; the Seven Barren Queens tend to follow. They may target women other than Kalu Kumara’s own specific victim.



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