Keating, Donald

Donald Keating was born in Columbus, Ohio. In 1984, after reading one of John Green’s Sasquatch books, Keating became fascinated with Midwestern Bigfoot activity. He went on to found and direct the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center, headquartered in Newcomerstown and consisting of a network of active researchers. Since 1992 he has published Monthly Bigfoot Report, which discusses regional as well as international events dealing with unknown hairy hominids. He produced a video documentary, Sasquatch: The Mounting Evidence (1998), and has written The Sasquatch Triangle (1987), The Eastern Ohio Sasquatch (1989), and The Buckeye Bigfoot (1993).

Keating has been frequently interviewed by radio programs, has a website, holds monthly meetings, and hosts the largest annual Bigfoot conference in the United States.

In December 1998, Daniel Perez’s Bigfoot Times named Keating “Bigfooter of the Year.”



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