Keyhoe, Donald E.

Keyhoe, Donald E. (1897?–ca. 1988) : During the 1950s journalist Donald E. Keyhoe became one of the leading proponents of the theory that UFOs were extraterrestrial spacecraft. Keyhoe often suggested that the U.S. government was concealing evidence that aliens from another planet had been visiting Earth. A retired major with the U.S. Marine Corps who had trained as an aviator, Keyhoe was an expert on aircraft, which made him more credible on the subject of spacecraft than some of the other ufologists active during the middle of the twentieth century. Keyhoe also served as a director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. His writings on UFOs include The Flying Saucers Are Real (1950), The Flying Saucer Conspiracy (1955), Flying Saucers: Top Secret (1960), and Aliens from Space (1973).


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