Klepoth: A demon of illusion named in the True Keys of Solomon. According to this text, Klepoth can conjure illusory music that seems entirely real. He can also make a person feel as if they are spinning and dancing even when they are merely standing still. He can also cause the sound of a whispered voice to manifest in a person’s ear, and is said to use this trick to help people cheat at cards. He serves chief Sirachi, who himself serves directly beneath Lucifer. Klepoth also appears in Peterson’s edition of the Grimorium Verum. Here, he is called upon in the ritual preparation of the magician’s staff. In addition, he is credited with the power to let the magician see all manner of dances. Klepoth serves as the fifth demon under the infernal duke Syrach. The name of this demon is curiously close to Qlippoth, a term unique to Qabbalism. Although opinions vary, the Qlippoth of the Qabbalah are generally perceived as emanations of the Dark Tree of Life.



The Dictionary of Demons written by Michelle Belanger.


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