Klothod – Variations: Klothon

In Babylonian, Jewish, and Solominic lore, the demonic goddess Klothod (“battle”) is ranked as the third of the SEVEN HEAVENLY BODIES and one of the thirty-three (or thirty-six, sources vary) elements of the Cosmic Ruler of the Darkness. In the Testament of Solomon she was said to be one of the demons that were bound to work on the temple, digging its foundations. She is one of seven female spirits that are fair in appearance and bound and woven together, and represented as a cluster of stars in the heavens. They travel about sometimes living in Lydia, or Olympus, or on a great mountain. Klothod has the ability to cause the well-behaved to scatter and fall afoul of one another. Her personal adversary is the angel Marmarath.

Theresa Bane

Klothod: A demon whose name means “battle,” at least according to the Testament of Solomon. Klothod is one of a group of seven female demons called up and bound by King Solomon in this extra-biblical text dating to the first few centuries of the Common Era. Klothod and her sisters are almost certainly personifications of the Pleiades,
a star cluster that is frequently represented by seven sisters in mythologies around the world. As a demon, Klothod is reputed to cause discord and fighting among men. Her sisters are no better, as they are called Deception, Strife, Jealousy, Power, Error, and “the Worst.” Solomon is said to have put all seven of them to work building the foundations of his great temple.



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