Konsei Myojin

Konsei Myojin : Root of Life; Great Shining One

Among the most ancient forms of religion is worship of human genitalia. This primeval form of spirituality occurs around the world. Sacred images of the reproductive organs or the spirits associated with them were identified as possessing the spark of life, sacred pro-creative power but also capable of bestowing wealth and abundance, healing illness, encouraging good health, banishing malicious spirits,breaking the influence of the Evil Eye and providing safe, easy childbirth.

Konsei Myojin is an ancient Japanese phallic deity. He is unusual as he is not venerated as part of a pair as is typical with sacred genitalia. He seems to have no consort. He is venerated alone in the form of a phallus.

Konsei Myojin bestows wealth, power and good health. He has the power to heal all illness and afflictions that occurs below the belt. Konsei Myojin is invoked for fertility, virility and safe, easy childbirth.

Initially venerated throughout Japan, he became the favoured deity of bordellos. His image was believed to magnetically attract wealth, business and safety to the establishment. The customers liked him, too, as Konsei can reputedly stimulate sexual prowess.

After Japan ended its long isolation and began to take its place as a world power, ancient folkloric symbols were reassessed. A deity in the form of a sexually aroused phallus was considered neither polite nor civilized. The primeval image of Konsei Myojin was banned during the Meiji era (1868–1912). He was largely replaced by the image of Maneki Neko although substitutions also include Daruma dolls, images of Daikoku, Ebisu and mushrooms.

Some treasured images of Konsei Myojin were hidden away. One survives in a small museum devoted to sex attached to Japan’s Izu Paradise Park where his ritual may be reenacted in order to receive Konsei Myojin’s blessings of wealth, good fortune and sexual prowess:

• Invoke Konsei’s blessings

• Touch the image’s exposed penis three times

• Ring the bells on the altar

• If he fulfills your request, carry his amulet or build a private home altar for him




A big erect phallus or as a man whose erect phallus pokes through his garments

Sacred site:

Once upon a time, Konsei Myojin had many temples; his image appeared on the kamidana (spirit shelf) of every brothel. A particularly ancient shrine was located at Konsei Pass above Lake Yumoto, near Nikko.


Traditional Japanese images of Konsei Myojin are virtually impossible to find but any sort of phallic imagery can substitute


Penis-shaped candles; milagros in the form of male reproductive organs; (if you can’t find mass-produced images, they are easily cut from tin or made from wax or bread dough); all kinds of phallic imagery: Roman images; Thai penis amulets; Shiva lingam


  • Daikoku
  • Daruma
  • Dionysus
  • Ebisu
  • Hermes
  • Maneki
  • Neko
  • Priapus
  • Shiva


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