Kopi Hill AKA Bukit Brown Cemetery

Avoid the forests. The ever-present pontianaks have also been sighted amongst the branches. This time, they’ve got some flamboyant company – visitors sometimes spot an old lady in a red cheongsam, fanning herself while sitting atop a tombstone.

The Legend:

George Henry Brown, who arrived in Singapore by ship in the 19th century, owned this plot of land and used it to grow coffee. Three clansmen from China later bought it and donated it to Hokkien clans to use as a burial ground. There are also a number of watchful statues at the graves, likely a reference to the Sikh and Indian bodyguards of wealthy Singaporeans in the old days.

It sounds harmless, but the Singapore Paranormal Investigators once set up camp there to scope out potential supernatural disturbances – only to have the batteries in their equipment drain without explanation.

If that wasn’t enough, evil laughter has been heard ringing through the cemetery at night – though why anyone would want to be there at that hour is beyond me.