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Kore is not a name but a title, usually indicating Persephone, especially in her aspect as the eternally youthful Goddess of Spring. Kore was venerated amongst Mystery Traditions and thus little is really known or understood. It is possible that some paths of Kore do not refer to Persephone but to the primordial goddess, Car. (Or perhaps Persephone’s roots lie in the mysterious and ancient Car.)

Kore is a spirit of birth and resurrection. Veneration of Kore was integral to the Eleusinian Mysteries. She was venerated amongst Gnostic Mysteries too, sometimes independently of her mother, Demeter. In the early centuries of the Common Era, Kore was venerated in Alexandriaas the self-generating virginal mother. Her festival, the Koreion, celebrated by both Christian and non-Christian Gnostics, honored the annual birth of Aeon, the Divine Child. Images of virginal Kore with her Divine Child may survive amongst some Black Madonnas.



Feast: The Koreion, 6 January, eventually assimilated to the Feast of the Epiphany

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