Kutulu and Man : The Kutulu Principle

Mankind, the great microcosm, capable of a million thoughts per second, yet, cannot consciously comprehend 99% of them. The subconscious mind works independently from the conscious mind. Fear, hate, pain, love etc… are all products of your subconscious.

These we can semi-comprehend, however, cannot change without learning how to work within the subconscious. Dreams are another product of the subconscious, hence, why even when remembered they cannot fully be explored or explained, only interpreted.

One problem that arises in the subconscious mind is the fear of death. The fear of the unknown is what drives humans to latch onto religion. Religion offers a quick fix to this problem, however, anyone with half a brain would question their supposed unearthly paradise. Even with religion, death seems to frighten people subconsciously. This is because even the most religious don't fully believe in the conception of heaven. Heaven and hell solely exist in the mind.

People back up their claims of this heavenly paradise with hundreds of near death experiences and those people claiming to have “seen the light”. This heavenly light doesn't come from some otherworldly source, but, from the subconscious mind. At the point near death, the conscious mind shuts down, leaving the subconscious mind to show whatever the “Near-Deather” wants to see. No Xtian really believes (s)he is a bad person and they've been told throughout childhood their going to go to heaven and meet God, it's what they want to see and do.

This is where the ancient Sumerian Demon Kutulu comes in. Kutulu literally means “Man of the underworld”. This can directly translate in what I call the “Kutulu Principle”. I use the term Kutulu principle to explain this theory, as it is said Kutulu is dead but dreaming.

It is known that at death, the mind shuts down. However, nothing is ever mentioned of the subconscious mind. Man at death is very much like Kutulu in the fact that man is dead, yet, subconsciously dreaming. In the course of human development, man experiences little in the way of new mental experience.

Only through exploration of new experiences of the mind can one achieve the great change and control his subconscious mind and therefore, control death. So the O.A.D strives towards new experiences and expressions of the mind. For one to control death, he must first master life. For one to master life, they must first master the Ain! The goal of this article is not to fully explain death as a mind set, but to help others experience life for the first time! veni, vidi, vici – Julius Caesar

Kutulu and Man: The Kutulu Principle by Rev. Frederick Nagash



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