Lady of the Beasts

Lady of the Beasts

A sacred image, documented as far back as the Neolithic era, depicts a woman surrounded by animals. This is often a stylized image: the animals tend to be those which would not normally congregate peacefully together. In the company of the Lady of the Beasts, as she has been dubbed, lions lie down with lambs; predators play nicely with each other; birds perch safely on cats. The Lady of the Beasts is a spirit of peace and prosperity. She is often, although not always, depicted pregnant. She may be a spirit of nature’s bounty.

There may be one primeval Lady of the Beasts or many. Various goddesses fit the archetype. Lady of the Beasts is an anthropological term coined to describe images and the concept it evoked. However, the term has since entered the lexicon of modern goddess devotees. Votive images, both traditional and modern, of the Lady of the Beasts are readily available as, for instance, one painted by artist Hrana Janto and included in Amy Sophia Marashinsky’s Goddess Oracle. Ladies of the Beasts include Aphrodite, Artemis, Baba Yaga, Khadiravani, Kwan Yin, Kybele and Miao Shan. (See their individual entries for more information.)

The Lady of the Beasts is the beast master. She commands, controls and protects them. Those who work closely with animals may seek her protection and matronage. The Lady of the Beasts may also be a priestess or shaman. Those who work closely with animal spirits may assume the role in visualizations. (Just always be aware that flesh-and-blood beasts may not behave like spirit animals; always use common sense and safety precautions to avoid injury to yourself and the animals.)


You will know the Lady of the Beasts by the animals that surround her.


Find an image that corresponds to your vision of the Lady of the Beasts and surround her with images of living creatures.


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